Reclamation of documents

To reclaim a document, located on the territory of the Russian Federation, an applicant should fill out enquiry form in two copies (for each document separately) and pay consular fee.

If reclamation of the document is not possible for some reasons, Consul informs the applicant about this.

Please be informed that original service records, military service records, pension cards are not subjected to sending abroad. When leaving the Russian Federation, these documents are submitted to corresponding authorities, according to particular place of citizen’s residence. In the following they serve as a foundation for the issuance of work reports, active military service references etc.

Second marriage certificates (if marriage is dissolved) and birth certificates of deceased persons can not be reclaimed also.

Certificate of Birth for a minor should be reclaimed by his legal representative.

Certificate of Death can be reclaimed either by relatives of a deceased person or by legal bodies for official purposes.

In case if educational document is reclaimed, all expenses, related to its archive search, duplication and attestation, should be reimbursed.

To reclaim a police clearance an applicant should fill out enquiry form and present his passport with the copy.