Consular legalization

Since the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not a signatory of the Hague Convention, 1961, each document issued by the Nigerian authorities should be legalized by the Embassy’s Consular Section for its legal use on the territory of the Russian Federation. Legalization implies certification of genuine stamps and signatures made by the authorized officials of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria.

To legalize a document an applicant should personally submit the following papers: application form, identity card or passport, power of attorney (for agents) and original document for legalization.

Please note:

  • The Russian Consulate legalizes only original documents. Legalized photocopies of the Nigerian original documents are not accepted.
  • A document cannot be legalized if:
    - it is in conflict with the legislation of the Russian Federation or its content may inflict harm to the Russian national interests;
    - it does not comprise the necessary attributes (registration number, date, signature, stamp etc.);
    - affixed signature and stamp are not distinct or do not match the official Ministry’s models;
    - it contains erasures, corrections, crossed out words etc.

Consular fee for Consular Legalization is NGN 14.700 (per document)