Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Mir Interstate Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, May 10, 2017

There are forces that are categorically against normalising relations with Russia and also those who call for breaking out of the sanctions dead-end already now. As I say, we don’t want to interfere in internal debates, but we are monitoring their development in the EU.

News conference following Russian-Turkish talks, May 3, 2017

Turkey is an important and promising partner of Russia. Now, we can state confidently that the recovery period in Russia-Turkey ties is over, and we are returning to normal cooperation between partners.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump may meet on July 7-8

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump spoke in favour of arranging a personal meeting during the G20 Summit in Hamburg on July 7–8.

Working hours of the Consular Division during the Russian national holidays in May 2017

The Consular Division will be closed on May 1 (Monday) and May 8-9, (Monday, Tuesday) 2017.

Interview of H.E. Russian Ambassador to Nigeria: Russia eager for resumption

Russia is Nigeria’s important ally, especially on security and war against terror. The Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Nikolay Udovichenko, in this interview, says in spite of the steady growth in trade between both countries, the potentials of this cooperation remains heavily underexploited.

Nigerian students enroll to Russian universities in 2017/2018

Joint Commission for selection of Nigerian aspirants to Russian universities held meetings on April 18-21, 2017