Russian Government Scholarship

General information

The Government of Russia renders an opportunity for Nigerian students to start or continue their education in the Russian institutions of the higher education. 70 state scholarships are available for applicants every year, including:

  • Undergraduate Education Programs:
    • Bachelor’s degree program (4-year term);
    • Certificated specialists program (5-year term) .
  • Postgraduate Education Programs:
    • Master’s degree program (2-year term);
    • Ph.D. (3-year term);
    • Doctoral studies (2-year term)

Nigerian applicants should speak Russian or English fluently. Those students who can not speak Russian will study the Russian language during the first year before they start studying their main courses.

The list of specialties available for Nigerian students is very wide and consists of more than 100 different alternatives in science and humanities (attached herewith).

  • Requirements for Nigerian candidates

— high level of knowledge (i.e. the applicants should have West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate with "excellent" or "very good" (A1, B2, B3) marks in basic subjects); 
— an interval between completion of secondary or college education and admission into a Russian institute should not exceed two years;
— eligible for admission to post-graduate studies at Russian Higher educational and research institutions are holders of a Master of Science (Arts) degree with normally at least two years of practical experience in the corresponding field following their graduation; preference would be given to graduates from Soviet and Russian Universities;
— the age limit for the applicants to higher educational establishments is 25 years, for post-graduate candidates — 35 years; doctoral candidates — 45 years.
— an applicant should be of sound health and have no contraindictions for living in the climatic conditions of Russia, should undergo a thorough medical check-up as well as test HIV/AIDS  and hepatitis negative (any student who upon arrival in Russia is found unfit for studying for health reasons will be sent back to Nigeria at the expense of the sending side).

  • Required documents:
  1. Application form specifying the chosen specialty in accordance with the Classifier of professional specialties and their code numbers.
  2. Authenticated copy of an education certificate (WAEC certificate for undergraduates; copy of a higher education certificate (M.Sc./M.A.) for applicants to postgraduate courses, stating the subjects studied and the marks received during exams.
  3. Health certificate to the effect that its bearer can study in the Russian climate; International vaccination certificate (should be certified by an official Nigerian medical establishment); X-Ray, Hepatitis test. Please, see also recommended list of medical contradictions for admission of foreigners to Russian Higher Education Institutes.
  4. HIV test certificate.
  5. Clean record certificate from the place of residence local police station.
  6. Copies of national passport’s pages containing the relevant data to fill in the documents for invitation (the date of expiry of the passport should cover the period of the planning arrival to the Russian Federation not less than 1,5 year).
  7. 8 photos, size 4 x 6 cm.
  8. Every student should legalize his documents in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria .
  9. Applicants to post-graduate courses should also submit a list of published works (if there are any) stating the place of publication and a summary of future research work (not more than 2 pages). All Soviet/Russian graduates should submit in their application forms, curricula vitae, summaries of future research work and other documents only in Russian.

For specified information on requirements for Nigerian scholarship candidates, please, find the following documents:

  1. Requirements for Nigerian applicants”,
  2. List of required documents and procedure of their submission
  3. Application form for Nigerian applicants”.
  • Selection process

The scholarship recipients are selected by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Nigeria in cooperation with the Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) of the Nigerian Ministry of Education.

The first step is to complete an online registration form on the web-site of the Federal Ministry of Education before March 1 of each year. Then a candidate should pass through an exam of the Federal Scholarship Board of Nigeria (dates and venues are announced additionaly by the Federal Scholarship Board in the beginning of February). Final decision on the list of awardees is taken by the joint commission composed of representatives of the Russian Embassy, Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria and Association of Nigerian graduates of the Russian universities after personal interviews with applicants, which usually held at the end of April each year.

Please note that the process of application does not attract any fee

Important! All required documents initially should be submitted to the main office of the Federal Scholarship Board (Plot 245 Samuel Ademulegun Street, Central Business District, Abuja)!

For more information please visit the official website of the Federal Scholarship Board.

Application form
Application form

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