BRICS Summit

Vladimir Putin took part in a meeting of the BRICS leaders that was held within the framework of the two-day BRICS summit in Xiamen, China. The discussion focused on the global economy and global economic management, international and regional conflicts, national security and development issues. The BRICS Leaders’ Xiamen Declaration was adopted following the meeting.

«Relations between the BRICS countries have developed to the point of comprehensive partnership over the past few years. <…> One of the key items on the agenda of today’s meeting has to do with adding momentum to the operations of the New Development Bank (NDB). <…> I believe in the importance of this year’s decision to establish a technical assistance fund for preparing projects within the NDB. The NDB’s immediate tasks include obtaining an international credit rating, which will enable it to issue securities in the five participating countries. In addition, there is also a need to move forward with lending in the national currencies of the BRICS countries. <….> Another major achievement of our five countries is the creation of the BRICS Network University, which unites over 50 leading universities from our countries», - Russian President said.