#Discover Russia. Contests by the Civic Chamber

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation has initiated a sequence of contests on popularization of cultural legacy of Russian cities and personalities in Wikipedia. In 2017 the project includes three disciplines related to the Rostov Oblast, celebrating its fourscore anniversary this year.

1) «Read local» - articles in any language, dedicated to life and contributions of classical writers, related to the Don River Area.

2) «About the Russian Sights for the Whole World» - articles in any language except Russian, about everything that can be linked to memorable places of Rostov Oblast worthy of special attention, known or famous for something, such as historical heritage sites, places of natural or artistic value.

3) «Wikipedia helpers» - various materials in line with the contest topic published within last three years in publications & media, meeting criteria to be classified as Reliable sources.

There is also the fourth nomination:

4) «Discover Russia. Meet the gurus» – authentic articles and materials about Russian spiritual leaders of famous people, or spiritual leaders of Russian famous people.

For more information see:

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